Yuan-Yang Lake in North Eastern Taiwan

The bilateral meeting of Taiwan-Russia (Siberia Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, SBRAS) is mainly to promote international collaboration between the two countries, especially on the subject of interdisciplinary research. Global environmental changes, for example, have caused many unprecedented, complex scientific questions for researchers. To answer those questions often requires scientists with different professional background to work together. Hence, in this meeting we will invite 25 scientists from SBRASĀ and Taiwan across different expertise, including environmental sciences, ecology, microbiology, biomedicine and biophysics. Through direct face-to-face interactions for the researchers, potential interdisciplinary and competitive collaborative projects will be discussed in the meeting, and that will advance the deeper and broader cooperation between SBRAS and Taiwan in the future. The meeting will be held in Academia Sinica, Taipei and the date and time on Nov 7th and 8th, 2018. Moreover, the invited Russian scholars will also join the activities for celebration of the 20th anniversary of the research cooperation between Taiwan and SBRAS.